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2 Port USB 3.0 Matrix USB-C + HDMI Dual Monitor KVM Switch 4K60Hz

Connector Type       USB C + HDMI

Switch Type              KVM Switch

Material                     Metal

Circuit Type              2-way

Mounting Type         Surface Mount,                                                   Wall Mount

Actuator Type           Push Button

Controller Type         Push Button

 In Stock

About this item

  • 1. KVM Switch Dual Monitor HDMI + USB-C: 2 HDMI, USB-C and USB 3.0 input, 2 HDMI output. 2 computers/laptops sharing 1 set of keyboard & mouse, 2 monitors, audio, and 2 pcs USB 3.0 peripheral devices. Compatible with Thunderbolt 1 to 4. (1. This KVM switch required each of your computers with 2 video outputs. 2. The USB-C port only supports Thunderbolt with a small lightning sign and the DP port with a DP sign. 3. When connecting to Thunderbolt 4 devices, the resolution output is 4K@60Hz.)

  • Support two display modes: KVM switch display mode --- extended display, mirror display, video wall display. Matrix KVM switch display mode --- each monitor displays each computer.

  • Support wired/wireless/unify/Bluetooth/gaming/mechanical keyboard/mouse, Apple keyboard (hotkey is changeable), touch screen, OLED screen, 16:9 widescreen, 21:9 ultra-wide monitors, etc. (Bluetooth keyboard/mouse should with a receiver, it doesn't support built-in Bluetooth keyboard/mouse)

  • Compatible with 4096x2160@60Hz, 3840x2160@60Hz, 3840x1620@60Hz, 3440x1600@60Hz, 3440x1440@60Hz, 3840x1080@60Hz, 3200x1800@60Hz, 2560x1440@60Hz, 2048x1536@60Hz, 2048x1280@60Hz, 2048x1080@60Hz, 1920x1200@60Hz, 1920x1080@60Hz and lower resolution. Drive-free for Windows 11/10/7/2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Raspbian, Ubuntu, Android 9.0 or above, etc.

  • Support 5 switching modes: (Num Lock + Num Lock + 1 / 2 + Enter, or Ctrl + Ctrl + 1 / 2 + Enter or Scroll Lock+ Scroll Lock+1 / 2 + Enter), mouse switching (click mouse wheel 2 times), manual button switching, wired remote push-button switching, and IR remote (button cell CR2025 3V not included).

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